For faces, send me one photo as the main reference.
Include 2-4 other images of the same person from slightly different angles so I can get a feel for how they look.

For paintings of a figure, I only need one photo in the desired pose.

I usually don’t include the background of the reference photo unless it is an important part of the subject matter (like the wave for a surfer) so don’t worry about what or who is in the picture besides the main person.

Use the gold button below ("Commission a Painting") to send me an email to inquire about having me do an original painting for you. 
Include reference photos (these don't have to be perfect.)
I will contact you to discuss details of the painting, including pricing and size.
Note: I do not provide preliminary sketches for approval.
I will email you photos of the finished work for your consideration before shipping it to you. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the final product, you will not be obliged to purchase it.
Would you prefer ordering a pencil drawing?
Use the button above to send me an email with your request for a custom oil painting. Please include approximate size, reference photos and  contact information. I will get back to you to discuss details and pricing.
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